The worst thing about joining the military service is having to face the grim reality of war.

Choosing between my life or someone else’s life is a tough decision to figure out in less than a few seconds. No matter who it is, innocent civilian or enemy combatant, I can’t see how it’d be so easy for anyone to not face immense obstacles of guilt right before pulling the trigger. But we all have different views on the concept of life and in this case, death.

In this situation, I do hope to never be deployed in a warzone. In my belief, I couldn’t possibly live down the guilt of having killed a man, women, or child. But the only way to understand war is to face it, and that is what I attempt to see. The most hostile areas of the world reveal more, but then it also pierces through my conscience like bullets through windows.

No one enjoys war. No one wants bloodshed. Sadly, it is an inevitable course of action. One that cannot be resolved unless the basic intellect of man is altered. But I cannot support my claims until I have served my time in a hostile environment.

Until then.


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