Computer Science Majors

All the thread titles are from Notebookreview’s forum. Each title is a separate topic.

Laptop for school/ Computer Science major

Computer Science Major-Notebook help*

Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Looking for new laptop

laptop for college (computer science and engineering major)

Computer Science Student

Business/CS major, what should I buy?

Student/Programming/Bit of gaming

Advice for a CompSci/Game Design Major

CompSci / Mathematics – My first Apple

Computer Science Major in need of a laptop

Need A University Computer (computer engineering)

Incoming Freshman, Computer Science

notebook/laptop for cs grad student

Which laptop to buy for Programming?

college(comp. sciences)/gaming

I’m not going to attack these students too harsh, because I know that I’m in the small minority that tries to keep up with the fast pace of technology. But if a student in any computer-related field of study can’t find a laptop or notebook for themself, then maybe they should look elsewhere. I’d assume that someone majoring in Computer Science would at least be able to choose their own damn personal computer. If they can’t decide on these simple issues, that should be the first indication that someone might not fit a certain major.

Yes, I do have an anger problem. I will continue to lash out on people that probably don’t deserve it.


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