Exorcising an Atheist

You know, I think it’d be great fun if an atheist was possessed by a demon. The dumb motherfucker will not know what to do.

“There is no God.”

You better hope there is a God to save your ass.

“No, God does not exist. Nor do demons and ghosts and evil.”

Well, something is taking control of you and it’s not you.

“I don’t believe in God, and it’s all propaganda by the church.”

Whether you believe in God or not does not make the matter any better. Your fucking belief is not the universal truth. And in this case, it’s wrong.

“Am I going crazy?”

Oh, you’d wish this was a mental illness.

People are free to believe what they will. But living in a personal bubble is worse than religion. I really hate that kind of smug intolerance where someone thinks their own beliefs form the absolute truth.


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