America’s Lack of Talent

I rarely watch America’s Got Talent. Two years ago, I did enjoy it but it’s the same thing every year. The weirdos get cut, the auditions all suck, and the singers and dancers usually get the go to Vegas. Even in the finals, half of them sing. Every season.

That’s so boring. American Idol does this whole shebang a few months earlier. Is America’s Got Talent the summer version from NBC? Did people miss the Idol auditions? America can produce singers. Who the fuck cares?

So I propose that they change the theme of the show to America’s Got Guts.

How wild would that be? You know that in order for someone to win, they have to do something insane. And acts won’t be repeated season after season because repeat acts are not gutsy.

Racists verbally and physically attacking the judges and audience. Killer bees versus Grizzly Adams. Man lit on fire for his moment of fame. Even murder is possible for the finale. We’ve all seen these acts scripted, but some brave people will turn it into live action.

It’s television brought to life.


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