Bad Neighbors

I live in a gated apartment. So anyone who wishes to enter must unlock the door with a key. This, although creating a false sense of security, is a nuisance for the delivery carriers: FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Every time I order something, I have to pry the door open with paper and put a note up.

Not a big deal. Until some asshole of a neighbor closes the door.

Like any good neighbor, they should try to keep the door open. It’s common courtesy, and I’d do it for them also. But when someone cannot read the note and actually picks out the log of paper that’s keeping the door ajar, then that is being an asshole.

Don’t think I can’t hear the door slam shut and LOCKING. Don’t think my obsessive personality isn’t going to check every hour. Don’t think I don’t run towards a window to see if the door slam was indeed caused by the delivery person or someone else living in the apartment complex.

If I miss this delivery today, I will no longer acknowledge this neighbor. I’ve narrowed it down to the exact unit. Next time a package happens to be missed, I will not accept their package into my house. Out of respect for others’ packages, I’ll keep the door open. But never will I aid this particular neighbor in any way to ensure that their package arrives on time.


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