Handling the x200

My Lenovo Thinkpad x200 arrived Monday. I’m not the kind of person who eagerly does a review and parade their new things around. So until today, I didn’t even care to let anyone know.

First off, the x200 is light. With a 6-cell, it’s under 3.5lbs. With that weight, there isn’t structural compromise. Almost no flex on the physical body itself. A little flex in the middle of the screen if you press into it, but nothing that affects the system overall. It feels solid. Pressing around, I could feel something much harder than plastic hidden under the plastic. It gives me a sense of security.


Idle 95% of the time

The screen is a good size. I don’t need a lot of space since I almost never run anything side to side. I wanted something small that’ll open one browser fully, and this does the job. It’s not a spectacular screen in any way. But this isn’t a laptop for media or entertainment. I just watched a episode of the Simpsons, and it was fine for that. I dim the screen to conserve energy. And also because it’s really saturated at its highest brightness level.


Follow the red dot

I never liked touchpads. My preference lies with a mice, and I use a wireless one when I have it around me. The trackpoint or whatever Lenovo calls it is pretty neat. The tracking works quite well, and it moves with little effort. I’m not dexterous so it takes a bit longer for me to adjust, but I’m glad there’s no touchpad on this model.

On the right of the buttons is the fingerprint reader. I had fun entering and swiping for a few login sessions, but it took too much time during startup. Disabled. Keyboard is quite solid. I’m no expert nor elitist on laptop keyboards. As long as they type, I’m content. There’s also Bluetooth, but I disabled it also.


2 hr, 13 min

Battery life is good. At 45% with WiFi on, I could still push past 2 hours. At one time I saw 6 hours on the indicator, but that’s only happened once. At 50% yesterday, I recall seeing 3 hours. The indicator isn’t accurate until everything settles down, and I took this picture after running some videos. The Thinkpad Power Manager took too much time on startup so I ditched it. The Windows version seems to be able to do the work. 5 hours per charge and I’ll be content.

My only problem is heat. It’s barely warm sometimes, but then it’s hotter than usual other times. Strangely, it runs cooler on my lap than on a table. The temperature usually sits from 34-38C. I’m using the processor at 1600Mhz; the SuperLDM 800Mhz was too slow. It slowed the system down and never seemed to switch speeds when needed. It drives me nuts because the fan makes a wheezing sound and the cpu whines sometimes. It’s worse because the damn thing is spontaneous.

Without a CD drive, I couldn’t reinstall the OS. I have no flashdrives bigger than 1GB that I can store a vlited Vista x64 on. The x200 is obviously slower than my quad-core desktop, but I hope with a vlited version, it’ll at least start up with fewer crap.


Scuff marks on the side

I don’t know how the scuff marks got there. It was like that when I received it. I figured it’d get scuffed sooner or later and it’d be better if I wasn’t the one to do it. Initial damage done, apathetic to future damages.

Overall, I’m impressed. I still spend most of my time on the desktop, but that’s only because I’m at home all the time. $900 was a good investment. This should last a few years, unless I replace it with a newer model or tablet. I’m aiming for a x61t. I would’ve got one this time if Lenovo’s outlet was overhauled a few days earlier.

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