I know there’s people who are affected by depression. It must be horrible to live in such a state of mind all the time. Saying that, I know there’s also a bunch of people who are “depressed” for all the wrong reasons or no reasons at all.

What is their problem? If one was to say “Oh my life sucks, I need to end it”, I wouldn’t object. I will only intervene if I believed they were suffering from real mental illnesses. Otherwise, it is pathetic to whine about how nothing is fair and not having the courage to face life.

Real depression isn’t a damn joke. I doubt the person will have any form of contact with people due to the very serious illness. They won’t be socially accepted, socially liked, or socially active. It’s not cool to be depressed, act depressed, seeking attention with a self-diagnosed depression, or voluntarily lowering one’s esteem to the level of depression.

I write this post (again?) because someone always updates their Facebook status with “I’m depressed” or “FML”. Yes, fuck your life. Your life is so horrible that you need to bring other people down also. Keep this shit to yourself; I have my own problems to deal with.


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