Stupid Viewers

It’s normal for viewers to watch the pilot episode, not enjoy it, and not watch any more episodes after that. That’s how networks gauge reception. That’s how the viewers gauge the effort put into a series.

Why do some people insist on watching TV shows they dislike? It’s stupid to dislike a show and keep watching it every time it airs only so they can complain about the show. Where’s the logic in that?

I enjoy Ghost Adventures, which airs on the Travel Channel. I don’t expect anything except for some odd places being explored. Are the events real? I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s a show and as a show, it keeps me entertained. Some people dislike it and it’s their free choice to do so. But they seem to continue watching week after week, just to be able to rant on how “fake” or “ridiculous” everything is. I don’t know who to laugh at: the guys with their own show or the idiot viewers at home watching their show in agony?

I watch only about 2% of what’s on TV. There’s shows I dislike and never watch: American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, LOST, Desperate Housewives, and a whole bunch more. If their time-slot comes up, I turn off the television or switch channels. It doesn’t benefit me to keep up with shitty programming nor does it benefit me to bitch like a child. Maybe I’m just not that self-absorbed. Who the fuck am I? A critic? A network producer? I’m neither and have no say on whether the show gets canceled or not. But I can change the channel and show that I’m not interested in oversexed, dehumanized dramas.

If you hate a show, then don’t fucking watch it. The correct term is boycott.

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