First visit to the DMV was pleasant.

I arrived at aroud 9:30am, in a semi-crowded entrance. The non-appointment line was not filled, and it took me one minute to get my number. G102. The current number was G086, so only 16 more people before me.

I sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes or so. The G booths went fast. Everything else sucked. “G102 to Booth 8”, said the computer. I got up, walked to the counter, and handed the guy my things. Took what, 5 minutes? No hassle, no mess. But of course, I was only making an ID and had all my things ready. I was prepared.

After that, I went to take the photo and thumbprint. Moderate line, probably was the reason I stayed so long there. There was this old lady that was quite entertaining. We overheard a guy say, “do you want my first-born also?” She said, “I wanted trade my daughter for a car. Guy said yes, daughter said no. That was a nice T-bird.” She also said that she taught her grandson to drive on gravel in Utah. On manual. Impressive.

After that, my turn was up. Took my thumbprint, which strangely takes a long time. I got a weird picture, which the lady said “You’re trying to smile but holding it back” or something to that extent. First bad ID picture? I’m looking forward to that.

DMV, in my mind, isn’t that bad. I’m as aggressive as anyone, but it isn’t the hell people make it to be. I could see how it’s long, but that’s because there’s a lot of people. No one is going to get special treatment unless you make an appointment. Customer service is fine. They’re not soul-less people working. Treat them with some respect and dignity, and maybe they’ll work for you.


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