Zombie Road

There was this ghost story I read online that I wanted to write about a week ago. I don’t recall it now, but it might’ve been sub-par or something. I usually bookmark the good stuff.

Anyways, I saw this video called “Children of the Grave” by the Booth Brothers. I heard them on a podcast a few weeks ago and decided to check out the video. The documentary has some cheap scares that got to me, as I’m not a fan of animated or faked ghostly children. But it did feature one interesting place: Zombie Road.

Zombie Road is not the road where the undead devour our brains. But it does have a lot of shadow people and a very intriguing history. The location is in the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri along the Mississippi River. Lawler Ford Road is the real name of this road. The roughly two mile long stretch of road is eerie. Shadows always seemed to be longer in this area, and the dense woods only added to the feeling of claustrophobia. Some say the road never felt or seemed the same way twice. Each trip was just different somehow. It wasn’t used often, and like all local spook spots, the place crawled with teenage lovers. This is where the story starts.

In the woods lived a local killer named “Zombie”. He would kill the lovers and local tales coined the name Zombie Road. Other stories of ghostly apparitions appearing, roaming ghosts, and one old woman yelling at those passing by. Of course, one can’t forget the Native American spirits and devil-worshippers. Whether these stories are true or not, they are part of the road’s living history.

The region of the area was popular for traveling Indians and settlers. They hunted around the waters before heading towards St. Louis. The road led to the river, and seems to still lead Indians down to that exact spot. As the settlers came down, the area grew with mills and factories. The wife of a settler was struck down by a railroad car and is said to be one of the ghosts roaming the area. Other ghosts are from the Civil War era, soldiers and whatnot.

People experience the feeling of being watched. The woods would be dead silent, but then some unexplainable and untraceable noises appear. Some people feel as they’re being followed. Others see figures of people in the woods, and upon further investigation, no one was present at all.

I’ve never heard of this until the documentary. In it, the group of investigators did catch some interesting things. One photographer caught “shadow children”, watching from atop the woods. The investigators went at night, and caught the same thing on their thermal cam. Absolute black figures, black bearing no heat signature. Real or not, the evidence they got stunned me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not a big fan of pictures or videos when reading ghost stories so none will be in this post.

I thought it’d be a nice story to share. It’s not mine, but heck, I’m trying to spread the word. This place seems too scary for me to visit. I say that for all the haunted places I write about, but I’m pretty serious on this one. The investigators in the video had tactical gear, and one of the locals suggested bringing a gun.

Here is one encounter:

I would like to share my personal experience with Zombie Road.

Last night me and five of my friends told me about it and I had never heard of it before but I decided to go anyway. Once we got there, we all partnered up walked past all the trees and passed the gate. One of our friends saw something move and we ran back to the car.

After we regrouped….we tried for a second time. So again we went on the dark path down the road. This time we went a little further but my other friend wanted to be brave and explore the path alone so he went deeper and deeper into the forest until he was out of our sight. Every now and then we would inch down the road to make sure he was ok. While the 5 of us were standing there, we started hearing voices but just convinced ourselves that it was somebody in their yard talking or just trying to scare us. As we continued looking into the dark shadows waiting for our friend…we started to see a black figure and we called his name and told him to hurry up and come on then he started running. Once he reunited with the group, the dark figure of a person was still standing down the path which was the same one that we thought was our brave friend. We looked at each other and ran once again to the car.

10 minutes passed and we decided to make the third time a charm and try to do it again just to see if what we saw was real. So before we even got to the gate I saw a white trash bag in the shape of a person lying on the right and I thought to myself that it wasnt there the first two times we went in there but I just blew it off so I wouldnt scare anybody. So I looked at my friend behind me to see if anybody saw the same thing I saw and her eyes got big realizing that I saw it too. She shook her head frantically basically telling me not to say anything.

We continued down the path, this time going deeper into the woods than the other two times. Once again our adventerous friend decided to wander off and explore the forest. And again we waited for him because everybody saw the same thing but just didnt want to say anything until we got back to the safety of the car. We called to him to come back because it was an eerie feeling of a presence or someone watching us so we all turned around and all at the same time we all saw this white shadow that looked like the “plastic bag” in the shape of a woman standing at the entrance where we had to exit. All 6 of us stood there scared to death….

It was only for a second or two but at the time it seemed like forever. We all darted for the car and sped off into the night discussing our experience in the car.

It may sound crazy but I PROMISE you this is true.

The only way I’d agree to explore this place is with a big group of  professionals with protection and a vehicle that won’t stall in case anything happens. Even then, I’d be the person away in St. Louis monitoring the screens. Yep, I am a coward.





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