Universal Healthcare

The only thing I currently care to research on is the projected cost to implement such a program and how much it’ll cost to run it. The former is the initial investment, such as overhauling the system with whatever is needed. It’s not going to be an instant change, or very cheap to switch. The latter is how much it’ll cost monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. With the amount of people always “sick”, it’s not going to be cheap either.

Where does the government get money? From taxes. And most everyone opposes taxes. They can talk about how it wouldn’t matter, but taking say 10% more a year will make a difference for many people. Raise it. See what chaos ensures.

I’m saddened to see people go bankrupt having to pay for healthcare. On one end, the government should bail them out. But that will be by taxes, and not everyone agrees with such an action. On the other end, we will all use the system once in awhile. The costs should spread around and even out eventually in an ideal situation. It’s a moral dilemma. Saying yes or no doesn’t make anyone less humane. That bullshit get us nowhere.

I’m trying to look at it from an economic standpoint. The political and social views are opinion-based and I hate that. At least with cost, there’s a numbers-based view that can promote rational and logical decisions to be made. Even if universal healthcare isn’t happening, a new private system can do some good.

My idea:

  • Set better Medicaid/Medicare limits. Be somewhat flexible. If a person is $50 over the limit, just fucking give it to them.
  • Promote healthier living standards. Some things are genetic/hereditary, but the same problems can also be user-induced. Smoking, drinknig, overeating, etc. I don’t think babies are born with an urge to smoke or eat excessively.
  • Get doctors that actually want to help people instead of earning big money. This one is hard to change, because the whole system right now is basically based on the potential for high-income.I know a lot of kids that just want to become doctors to become rich. It sickens me and alongside the cost of med school, is the reason I’m not pursuing the field.
  • If less people are resolving user-induced problems, there should be less strain on the system. Real problems will be addressed instead. With that, we can see the true cost of a universal system and figure out a plan.
  • If the demand on the system lessens, universal healthcare can be adopted. Slowly build it up and then expand. Launching it full-force right now seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  • We’re not France or Canada. The US is bigger than France in size and population, and bigger than Canada in sheer population. It’s a much bigger scale to account for. An extra 230 million (260 for Canada) people accounts for a big fucking difference. It’s such a hard concept for some people to grasp.

The waiting room is already full, and universal healthcare is one fat bastard.

It’s becoming an emotional debate, which it shouldn’t be. Logic and reason all the way, or else we all suffer the consequences of sap stories and half-truths.

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