3-Year Plan

The California State College system raised their tuition fees up by 20%. I think I am still covered by CalGrant this year, but probably will not next year. Instead of $3000, the cost of tuition is $4000. A $1000 increase, which is a lot considering that nothing has changed quality-wise.

Not many people are happy about this, but well, tough luck. The state is broke. The colleges got cut by over a billion. It’s not every faculty member reaping in six-figures to begin with. Looking at salaries for job openings, the highest for professors is around $80,000. If you cut them, some do get angry and will leave. Who do you think is easier to replace: a student or a professor?  I hate increased fees, but it is a viable option and ensures at least stability. Most people are likely to pay and should because college isn’t a free right. California residents are already subsidizing costs, or else it’d be the same cost as out-of-state students. $4,000 is a fucking steal honestly.

I’m going to have to face this problem also, and I plan to find some work if possible. My parents are paying, but I feel guilty about the entitlement issue. Even if I only come up with $1000, it’s at least something on my end.

I propose the idea to ditch the 4-year program. In times of crisis, rethink the plan. Start an accelerated 3-year program, with 1 year of GEs and the rest on the major courses. After 3 years, I get an degree to be able to work somewhere and still have time to pursue other classes. Raise the class costs up for people that want to hang around and take classes, since they already have a way of getting an entry-level job.

Do I really need 2 years of GE? The basics can be covered in year one. I need about twelve classes of GE. Math, English, critical thinking, and something else about the mind. Those are four required. The rest are filler. Things like humanities, arts, and behavioral science are going to eat up my time, not to mention money.

12 units per semester, 8 classes per year. 4 core, 4 other classes of GE and then move on with the major courses. Screw the impacted programs. Filter students as they move through the program. If they can’t do it, they shouldn’t be in the program. The incentive to work harder is all there.

This should be an option offered. A way for students that don’t want to spend a lot of time in useless classes. I know what I want to do. If it’s wrong, I’ll figure something out during the first semester. Anyone going into college should have a general idea of what they want to do. A bachelor’s is already a waste of time. Let me get through it faster and pursue a graduate degree.

Expect more increases across the board. Everyone is feeling the pressure. And I hope there are no protests. Hate to see a week wasted. Protesting is fine, but I’d really prefer to just finish my education faster.


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