Apartment Hunting Sucks

No one in my group of three is taking much of an initiative. The reason is probably because we’re barely 18, moving 600 miles north to a city we’ve never lived in. To an apartment no one has a clue about. Someone suggested we actually go up there right now and basically walk around. That’s fine for an older person with a job offering or the like and can live in a hotel and has a car, but for teens, it’s not a great plan. Just look at the damn pictures online and hope the owner isn’t an asshole. Time is limited for the listing and move-in period before school starts.

It’s not impossible to find a place. San Francisco is built on commuting and it’s not like we’re commuting across the whole Bay Area. 3 miles maximum from school. I can walk. The costs are the same as a studio or 1BR. It only gets cheaper with double rooms in a 2BR place.

I sent one more link today on our messenger of choice, Facebook. $2175 for a 3BR, utilities paid. $725 each per month. Best deal I’ve seen in awhile for a moderately well and “recently remodeled” apartment.

It’ll take one whole day to get a reply, then communication halts. And we wait for someone to do something.


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