Harold the Doll

I should’ve posted this one a few years ago, but back then, I ran out of dolls to write about. The doll I’m going to talk about is not recent news. I heard of it before, but it just didn’t latch on as anything memorable. Or it freaked me out and I wanted to forget that anything happened.


Everything starts out on eBay. What a great way to sell haunted items to suckers or serious people.

Actually, this one starts in a flea market where the eBay auctioner got it from. The person was browsing through, and at the end of the day, spotted a man packing the doll back into the box.

Man: you don’t want to see this doll

Me: sure I do, what do you want for it?

Man: well, that’s a good question, because it’s very old… (the man looked like he was going to begin to cry) … it was my son’s, I bought it for him when he was born, and he passed away a few years after…this doll has sat in my work shed for over 60 years. I wasn’t going to bring it out today, but I figured I just needed to get it out of there…anyways, I want 20 bucks for it.

20 bucks and he was sold something. But here’s the best part of it all:

Man: I have to warn you about something, I can’t just let you take him like this…the reason it has been in my shed, is that the doll brought an eerie presence into our house after our son died…we would hear crying and singing from his bedroom…when we went to check it out, there was nothing, just the doll.. other things started to happen, and the priest told me I should burn the doll, I tried and tried, but it would barely burn, that’s why his arms and head and legs are so worn.. anyways I just wanted to let you know…

Isn’t it how all these dolls are sold? Jokes aside from me, the buyer thought nothing of it at the time of purchase. He went home with the doll, not knowing what was about to become of his life (obviously since he can’t predict the future).

Two days later my cat died, my gf left me for the pool guy, I began to have chronic migraines, and this is only 2 days after purchasing the doll! A week later I began to hear a children laughing and crying in my basement…Every time I would go to check it out, of course, nothing…

The guy keeps it in some type of doll coffin and when he goes near it, there’s a pulse. As if the thing was alive. Needless to say, the seller isn’t enjoying the time of his life. Restless nights, mysterious whispers and sounds, and something touching him at night. I don’t doubt what happened, but this can be accredited to paranoia.

Please do not look into the dolls eyes for more then 30 seconds. Please, I am sorry.

I recall the original auction had some photos. It had the baby doll’s head with its cracked eye. There was something that freaked out people when looking so I think the seller is taking about that. After this, the man fell sick and was interviewed by the local newspaper. Listing gains momentum for the time being. He goes back to try to find the man who sold him the doll, but he isn’t there. Another seller did say he knew him, and a brief story is posted in the auction page:

The man, his name was Walter, told me that gentleman who’s name was Harry, did in fact have a son that had passed away only after a year or two of being born. He also told me that the son was severely disfigured. Walter wouldn’t go much further then that, as he began to tremble and sweat profusely.

There must be something with the gentlemen and his disfigured son that once startled Walter. So after this brief story, the same things happen. The first bidder fell through, and the doll was therefore not sold. The guy has thought of gonig to a church but feared it would be bad. And once again, he warns about the eyes.

I warned people last time, but again, please do not look directly into the dolls eyes, some have said, eyes are the window of the souls…well some souls, are very very black indeed…

After that listing update, the following is written.

I am not sure how true this is, but someone emailed this to me. I guess when the first auction was up, the FBI? performed an X-Ray of the doll. Truth be told, I guess they found that a human baby was inside the doll!

I don’t understand this because I’m assuming the doll is still in his possession? How can anybody X-Ray it? The original winner bailed, so the doll must’ve not left his side. Which is apparent since his updates indicate just that:

Also, after awaking this morning to strange sounds outside of the window, I received a very disturbing email from an ebay user.

The eBay user’s message is strange. Sounds like one of those overly delusional nutjobs but they could be extremely serious.

You will receive due punishement from the gods. I’ll be there to judge you at cremation day. You are an evil doer. I can see it in your writing. Last night I talked to the lord of the lords. When you go to bed (your couch) look around you, look to the ceiling and you’ll see what somebody is about to put on you. Something will come from a light bulb and will wrap around you. I see green and red. That might be the color of the thing coming to wrap you. Turn off the light, avoid looking at the guitar, and do not close your eyes or things will get bery bery bad for you. Sleep with a cross near you or you will not see daylight anymore.

Soon will start the dance of the spirits and you are the main sacrifice host. I know all about you because I feel you. I’m not a pizza girl, I’m the spirit of my god, the lord of the lord. I can read your words before you saying them and I can see a dialogue between you and the lord of the lords about to happen soon. About to happen in your own bedroom right after you ship that doll greg. I recomend you to keep it and bury it 5 feet underground or your evil ad talk will turn against you.

I see the following:
Lord: You have been evil and naughty Greg!
Greg: Please, please lord of the lords, please don’t kill me… Please don’t kill me lord (begging). I’m scared Lord. I’m scared, please. (sick crying)
Lord: Silence pecador!
Greg: Well, you better pull the trigger, because I don’t give a f-! (now singing) I’m reeeeadyyy, ready for the big ride baaaaabyyyyy!!!
Lord: Silence pecador!

Flesh burning…

That’s creepy indeed. Even if I wasn’t in possession of the doll, that message disturbs me. The seller doesn’t know what the hell is going on either. Now the page visitors are reporting strange images that can be seen.

“Hi, I have been watching your auction . Am I seeing things ? In one of the pictures the babys eye is white clouded and I see a face in it . DO you see it?”

I didnt see it, then..OMG!!! So..I zoomed into the photo, and here is what I saw… All I can say is wow, any ideas?

Someone’s daughter apparently looked at the picture and the doll “winked and laughed” at her. After this update, the auction is almost up. The seller is getting messages telling him that the doll is evil or has something in it. They tell him to destroy it or bury it. The seller isn’t that reluctant, since he probably fears retribution. He wants the doll to go to a person who has good intent, and as he states:

If the right person is out there, they will pay almost any price, since their good deeds will come back to them many fold.

That to me is shady. If he wanted to get rid of it, sell it at $0.01 and see how that price fairs. Many people sell their haunted items for pennies because the physical object is not worth keeping at any cost. But this guy was asking how much a tormented spirit was worth. $100? $500? He probably wanted to get a few hundred out, and I think it did get net a few hundred. Auction ended after that and someone did buy it. Now to the new owners.

Here he is again, the infamous “Haunted Harold” doll that started it all, from websites and news articles devoted to him, to just the curious wanting to know what’s up. I also know that ebay has been inundated with bogus (and sometimes very creative and humorous “haunted” items for sale). If you have been following this doll, you know what the deal is. If you haven’t, here’s a link to the original auction: (sorry, you have to copy and paste it in, I have no clue how to hyperlink them) http://www.mochunk.net/auctions/ebay8/oldauction.html. Here is a link to the auction I won: http://www.mochunk.net/auctions/ebay8/. The web page was saved before the auction was over. You may wonder why I purchased this doll. It’s really simple. I didn’t believe the hype, I was going to learn doll restoration, and I was advised to purchase this particular doll because it’s condition would teach me a lot. To make a long story short, I now do believe there is something going on with this doll. I believe it to be cursed, not haunted, as since I had “Harold” a family wedding was ruined, our luggage on a two week trip to Bermuda mysteriously was misplaced on the ship (how luggage gets misplaced on a ship is beyond me), I had major emergency surgery, yuckky incidents with creepy crawly creatures, and other quirky things have happened. My fiancée, who is very level headed, asked me to find another doll to restore and put this doll away. I packed it in a box, and put it in storage in our complex. Everything’s been fine since then. We are moving to the United States from Ireland next month, and as I have no use for this doll, I am putting it up for auction for those of you who are truly interested in it and might want to have it for yourself. I tried to sell this doll before and although it didn’t reach it’s reserve, I offered it to the highest bidder and they declined. (I can’t find my original auction, if anyone can I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me and I will add it to the description).

The listing is longer, but the rest is redundant. These claims seem to be legitimate. A streak of bad luck or misfortune bestowed on the owner. The original bid was $25.99 and it ended at $720. This is what I mean by people trying to get a cheap thrill. Some guy tries to disprove everyone, only to land himself and everyone around him in trouble. What’s a haunted doll to him? Oh about a hundred dollars. I don’t know what happened after that. The ending ended, and someone must have these somewhere. Maybe in John Zafffis’ museum?

The story is at least 3-4 years old. Seems to be no followup. Well, there’s two lessons to learn from this:

1. When someone at a flea market has a doll and it has a weird story/history behind it, do not buy it.

2. Do not buy a haunted doll to disprove anything, no matter how fake it might be.

I certainly wouldn’t take any chances with a paranormal object. Flea markets seemed fun to me, but since this story, I think I’ll pass. The possibility of buying say a haunted clock is much greater than shopping at Target or IKEA.


Mochunk (text only) – Has some pictures, which I didn’t explore fully. Cached version; don’t know if the real link still works.

Widdershinsby3 – Has close-ups of the doll

Ghoststudy – Used the excerpt and prices of starting/ending.

The text-only link has the full story without pictures. The rest have pictures. Be forewarned: the pictures are creepy.

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