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“Cops should be drafted, not recruited. After all, the kind of person who would want to become a police officer is precisely the kind of person who should not be allowed to work as one.” – SmirkingChimp

Who do I prefer to be a cop? The person that wants to do the job right or the person forced into this profession? I’d trust the former since he/she is more likely to actually patrol around the city and not act like a lazy bitch complaining all the time. Draft the wrong people and see crime run wild. Draft the wrong people and see society collapse.

What’s happening with the military draft? How many people support that?

“Oh no, don’t draft me because I’m too special. Draft anyone as long as it’s not me.”

Self-centered fucks. People love these ideas as long as it doesn’t involve them. I’d like to see the idiot who wrote this article be the first one drafted. Will he comply or figure out a way to weasel his ass out? I’m betting on the latter.

There’s no ideal cop. The ideal cop in most people’s mind is one that isn’t going to protect anyone.

Oh, that criminal is probably a neighbor letting himself in to borrow the TV. I better not check up on it, because Mr. Walker will be mad at me for disturbing his peace.

Oh, I shouldn’t give you a ticket for going too fast and endangering lives. You must have someplace important to go in a hurry.

We should all be peaceful, because if I know criminals, they’re just looking for a hug. Let’s approach the suspicious vehicle with our hands up.

You’re smoking weed? Go ahead, because I believe it’s fine, although the law says otherwise.

Go on, fellow citizen. Only the police can be wrong, never the citizen. Please don’t ever consider the consequences of your actions.

If this shit ever happens, I’m becoming a cop to fix the mess. With that kind of cops, it’s useless to have laws. Nothing will be enforced.

There’s so many bitter assholes out there that would abuse their position without a second thought. Drafting only increases their chances of seeking retribution.

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