Goodbye Reddit

I’m no longer going to Reddit.

Here’s what the current headlines are:

“I am a cop. And I’m disgusted by the links and videos I see of cops violating rights, breaking the law, and bringing discredit to their badge. Am I in the wrong line of work?”

“Becoming depressed everytime you hear of a cop tasering some minority or a 93 year old blind woman? This should help cheer you up. Cop at Michael Jackson Flashmob.”

“My friend got illegally pulled over and searched in Sealy, TX. This is what he sent to the authorities…”

Everyday there seems to be at least one of these stories making the frontpage. No matter what the story is actually about. This grudge against cops isn’t healthy. I think it’s the lack of social interaction and reading too much into 1984. A constant hatred towards anything is a signs of things gone wrong.

The other thing I hate are self.reddit posts. Current headlines :

“Hey reddit, what would you do if you found out that your girlfriend had just kissed two guys at a party in which you weren’t in attendance?”

“Askreddit: If people who love correct grammar are Grammar nazis, then does that mean people with bad grammar are grammar… Jews?”

“What creeps you out?”

“Are you descended from anyone notable, famous or just really interesting?”

“Is there a subreddit devoted to bringing papers to each others attention? if not would the scientists among us be interested in one?”

There’s 7, counting 2 more about cops listed above. These topics are suited for a forum, not a website. They serve no purpose except for some pompous pricks to feel that their opinions are valued more than others. That’s fine, if it was done in a forum.

The frontpage only has space for 25 stories. 8 are things I hate, 10 are useless video and images, and the rest might be of remote interest. Quality has really gone down. I jumped ship from Digg to Reddit and now I think I’ll just read old books.


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