Who knows what people omit from a “true story”.

The way a person presents their story has a great effect. Take for example the following scenario:

I was driving 10MPH over the speed limit and was given a ticket.

That is true. Now compare that to this twist:

I got a ticket for driving slightly over the speed limit.

The second statement will cause more raucous over the first because 1) it puts the blame on someone being out of line and 2) it makes the perpetrator seem like the innocent victim. But the real problem is with the omission of “10mph” and a change to the word “slightly”. The second statement is clearly false, but it will be accepted as the truth since no one knows what was omitted. And it’ll change how others perceive the situation to be.

I value honesty and accuracy. Be honest and as accurate as possible. A truly innocent person should have nothing to fear. If one went over the speed limit, take responsibility. Don’t lie to ditch the consequences. Tell the truth and if it were up to me, I’d be willing to lessen the punishment.

Last night someone said to me, “I have to be careful with my words around you”. I think I tend to want others to explain their thoughts clearly. Some words mean differently to them than to me, and I tend to question them out of mere clarification. A personal desire for accuracy in discussion. Don’t want omitted words to affect anything.

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