Good Job Listing

911 PC HELP is looking for part time computer guy with flexible schedule for a few hours per week with potential grow. High school or college student will be perfect.
Job description: In-office PC repair,parts replacement,windows re-install,infection removal,etc.
The job can be performed at any convenient time i.e after hours or week end.

I think I’d do pretty well in this job. Easy times, and I wouldn’t mind doing the work for low-pay. My schedule is down to basically 4 classes, so I have a lot of time to spare after 12pm, even with ROTC.

But I think it’s hard for a person like me with no resume to get any job. Only physical evidence of my computer skills is a 9th place “Technology Concepts” award back in 2007. The listing doesn’t mention resumes, only selecting candidates that will go through a internship trial.

I’m going to apply. I’ll just have to prove myself to get the job and I believe that I can get the job that way.

Hope this offer is still here come mid-August. Can’t even find an acceptable place to live over there in San Francisco right now so a job is the least of my worries.


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