Good Job Listing

2018 Update: I didn’t work my first year in college when this post was first written. Prophecy fulfilled. I found some volunteer things around the city but that was it and it’s far to say I needed time to grow up that first year out. Did head out to Fisherman’s Wharf often though; did enjoy the free time exploring. Second year I did end up with a IT support gig from the university that carried through until graduation. And based on that brief tenure, I’d say I am fine doing technical support–not as a career but like an Apple Store thing where I get face-to-face time or fix stuff in the back. If I did to because what I do for side money as a student is not my professional trajectory although I’ll be damned if anyone says they don’t need someone that can sort out simple computer issues and smack-fix a printer without breaking it.

But more importantly, that position got me far more comfortable talking to people about anything as we waited for the stuff to format and install and also not ignoring how simple actions for an experienced user can be brutal for someone new to interfaces. I still do the latter but I hope people know it’s mostly a facade and I say it as a deadpan sort of comedic effect because coming out of tech support really made me dread dealing with machines for a good while.

911 PC HELP is looking for part time computer guy with flexible schedule for a few hours per week with potential grow. High school or college student will be perfect.
Job description: In-office PC repair,parts replacement,windows re-install,infection removal,etc.
The job can be performed at any convenient time i.e after hours or week end.

I think I’d do pretty well in this job. Easy times, and I wouldn’t mind doing the work for low-pay. My schedule is down to basically 4 classes, so I have a lot of time to spare after 12pm, even with ROTC.

But I think it’s hard for a person like me with no resume to get any job. Only physical evidence of my computer skills is a 9th place “Technology Concepts” award back in 2007. The listing doesn’t mention resumes, only selecting candidates that will go through a internship trial.

I’m going to apply. I’ll just have to prove myself to get the job and I believe that I can get the job that way.

Hope this offer is still here come mid-August. Can’t even find an acceptable place to live over there in San Francisco right now so a job is the least of my worries.

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