The Cost of Textbooksin

Economics books are a lot. History books are a lot. Any science subject is a lot. Math is also in the expensive category. And I learned that English courses want these $50 manuals and $40 short prose paperbacks. They better contain great pieces of literature.

Sigh, the cost of education. Oh well, I’ll try to make use of these books a decade down the road. Might sell most of them, but some I want to keep. Trying to pick useful classes that aren’t too hard nor too irrelevant to life. Next time, I’ll look at textbook prices also.

Total for cart: $60, all paperback books. Strangely, my Philosophy class only cost me $30 worth of books. Cheapest yet but there’s  a lot more courses to contend with. Free expedited shipping, so I’m thankful for that.

Total for $170, for three hardcover textbooks. Tacked on $11 for expedited shipping. Not free, but the prices were cheaper than BN. Fair enough.

If I get the English course I wanted and figure out what math book I need, that’s at least another $150 down.

Edit: Some way or another, I got into the English class. But I found that out at night, when I ordered the books in the morning. Looks like one more package will be coming.


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