Bus Ethics

1. Give up your seat when it’s necessary. Federal offense mandatory.

2. Give up your seat if you think someone else, regardless of age, needs it more than you.

3. Don’t occupy more than one seat.

4. Don’t squeeze on other people. Flu season is near. Cover your damn mouth.

5. Sneeze onto your sleeves. Keep your germs to yourself.

6. Wait in line. Without cutting.

7. Have your money/pass ready, or else wait at the end of the bus stop line.

8. Ask politely to relinquish a seat if someone is not mandated to do so. If you’re rude, your fragile ass can stand.

9. Don’t turn into a prick on the bus. That job belongs to someone else.

10. Don’t be so depressed whilst riding the bus. I hate seeing an ocean of frowns and angry riders.

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