Preaching And Complaining

You can’t preach what you don’t believe in. If you say “Be punctual” and arrive to class late all the damn, then that makes the whole statement meaningless. Don’t tell me what I should do if you can’t even keep your own word.

Consistency is key. Can’t keep flip-flopping on principles.Opinions change, but stay true to principles, or at least firm and consistent.

And as of now, I have little sympathy for complainers. There’s someone on my Facebook list that complains to get attention. It’s fucking irritating.

Oh no, I felt sad today. I don’t need comforting but please note that I am depressed today.

Do something to fix your pathetic life. Please, for the benefit of everyone you know. Still young, naive, and stupid. It’s the best time to learn about the unfairness in life.

It’s time for a friend removal.


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