Fuck This Place

I couldn’t make this stuff up.


After class, a bunch of people line up to talk to the professor. I wanted to ask him a question also about homework due (lent it to a friend to copy so asking if I can turn it in “late” because I “forgot”). Professor tells others around him, “no class next week, I forgot there was some holiday.” Students go, “Oh really?” Professor affirms with a nod and some affirming gestures. “Why no school?”

I was besides the professor and said “It’s Veteran’s Day”, two or three times aloud. But I felt no one knew what the fuck that day is.


Two Caucasian couples ride the bus. The bus goes through Chinatown, which is pretty damn apparent with all the Chinese words and Chinese people around. One guy, with girlfriend on lap, asks the old Chinese lady next to him, “is this the Chinese district?” Chinese woman is freaked out, but nods and hurriedly mumbles out “Yes”. Guy continues to question. “So is the supermarket cheaper than Wal-Mart?” Chinese lady is quiet, probably doesn’t know what the fuck Wal-Mart is. Guy persists on trying to make some small talk but Chinese lady is not interested in chatting. Bus continues through the long stretch of road in CHINATOWN. The guy asks the Chinese lady again, “So this is Chinatown?”


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