Vile Tactics

In my opinion, college should not have a Credit/No Credit option. What purpose does it serve? Is it to bail out students that don’t care to do work and make them irresponsible for the consequences of their own decisions? Or is it to promote gaming of the education system? Not everyone does it, but I’ve heard a few people dropping  a course if they don’t get an A. In my interpretation, that’s gaming the system. It makes me sick and it makes me wonder how many assholes are doing just that.

If you sign up for the class and decide to stick with it, you should only get a choice of A, B, C, D, or F. Nothing else.

I have the same opinion for withholding courses. Take what you deserve and hide nothing. College students are adults, and if they want the right to drink, party, and vote like adults, then they should handle their life like adults. That means being responsible for one’s own actions.


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