Dressing for Class

Strangely packed Monday class. I haven’t seen Geography this packed since the last mid-term exam. As usual, there’s a bunch of tardy people. One by one they fall in.

There was this one girl who came in 15 minutes or so before the end of class. Wore what looked like a formal dress and a piece of faux fur (I believe). She’s pretty hot, but what the hell is the outfit about? It’s freezing outside and I understand the fur, but it looked as if she was going to a party. At 10:35am. She seems to always dress like this: the usual attire barely covers her ass. Trying to flaunt the goods, wealth, or a bit of both?

Another girl wore a blazer, white shirt, high-waist skirt that ended mid-thigh. Again, what the hell is that, interview attire? I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Not like I wasn’t feeling weird today. Shirt, sweater, indigo jeans, work boots, and I cuffed my jeans. Fuck was that cuff awkward, all stemming from my own self-consciousness. It might have been out-of-place on me but it was warm and comfy.


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