Huh, 2010.

I moved to a WordPress blog after that last post but deleted it after a year of work, an action I regret. As much as I wanted to erase my digital identity at the time and start afresh, the continuum of myself through words documented by time and day is best kept intact and whole. Unfortunately, there exists a gap from late December 2010 to about late December 2011 or January of 2012. A year of nascent me lost.

Soon moved to Tumblr afterwards, making several blogs that died because I do not amass followers and it’s hard to write for an nonexistent audience.  My style is conversational, throwing references and explaining them in context (like I need to clarify my own analogies). Casual unless I choose to not write because technical writing is far too sterile and debilitating for a blog. Currently still on Tumblr and as the situation calls, I plan to finally move on my own hosting in the near future. A fairly tolerable domain has been my Tumblr address for the last year, based on the username that last close to two years prior.

At this point, I no longer need my opinions affirmed or validated–I trust myself enough to not say stupid things, or at least catch them during a revision. Years ago it was all about seeing my things read, knowing I somehow matter in the overall scheme. But that’s just utter nonsense from a naive kid. What I say pales in comparison to what I can and should do. My anger is justified but better utilized directed at outlets breeding action and progress instead of cynicism and skepticism at anyone trying to “change the world”. That joke of a mantra, right? No. Because perhaps they aren’t trying to change the whole world as much as simply affecting a community, making the vision of a future planet that much more hopeful. An earthly perspective changed.

I decided to unhide this for Google to archive. Why not? I was always ashamed of my writing but every post was a stepping stone. Especially the ones that were thoughtful, not overly critical or scathing, and written as I want them to read: with a tongue in cheek and suspended belief.



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