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Currently working on my self-hosted WordPress blogs. This will be in archival mode until I decide to post something new.¬†Wouldn’t be much use to judge or form assumptions about me when these posts reflect my younger self. Having said that, I will go through each post and clarify or further elaborate in hindsight.

I hope you find the content here fairly useful or at the very least interesting enough to not consider it a waste of time.


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This is my first sports photograph taken. I never ventured into these, because it didn’t appeal to me. I used some basic editing, but it kills me to edit photos. My philosophy is that photos should not be altered in any way, except for resizing. But in order to get a better contrast, I used Picasa2’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Voila! (I took it originally in b&w)

I wasn’t sure when the match started. I stood around for an hour, wondering. Hope I’m never assigned to these events.

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Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?


I get a lot of daily hits on this article so it is time for some insight. I wrote the piece back in high school about 3 years ago and still intend to maintain the original piece as it was. My opinion remains unchanged because the issue is not whether Columbus is this or that but rather how he is viewed a certain way that is dictated with a narrow-minded perspective.

You can think Columbus is a villain but it does not mean he cannot be a hero to someone else. Heroes and villains are subjective evaluations – objectively, Columbus would just be titled “historically relevant explorer”. Columbus can be a villain but it does not detract from his discoveries; he can be a hero but that doesn’t justify his actions against the natives or whatever atrocities he committed.

Look at the whole story and judge for yourself. If someone else hates them, it doesn’t make their opinion any more correct than yours. If your teacher or whomever disagrees with you, do not give up on your stance. Question them and see where the differences in thought lies; use analytical thought and filter the nonsense from the facts.

Human beings are complex creatures and these simplistic classifications of hero/villain are poor assessments of character.

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