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Huh, 2010.

I moved to a WordPress blog after that last post but deleted it after a year of work, an action I regret. As much as I wanted to erase my digital identity at the time and start afresh, the continuum of myself through words documented by time and day is best kept intact and whole. Unfortunately, there exists a gap from late December 2010 to about late December 2011 or January of 2012. A year of nascent me lost.

Soon moved to Tumblr afterwards, making several blogs that died because I do not amass followers and it’s hard to write for an nonexistent audience.  My style is conversational, throwing references and explaining them in context (like I need to clarify my own analogies). Casual unless I choose to not write because technical writing is far too sterile and debilitating for a blog. Currently still on Tumblr and as the situation calls, I plan to finally move on my own hosting in the near future. A fairly tolerable domain has been my Tumblr address for the last year, based on the username that last close to two years prior.

At this point, I no longer need my opinions affirmed or validated–I trust myself enough to not say stupid things, or at least catch them during a revision. Years ago it was all about seeing my things read, knowing I somehow matter in the overall scheme. But that’s just utter nonsense from a naive kid. What I say pales in comparison to what I can and should do. My anger is justified but better utilized directed at outlets breeding action and progress instead of cynicism and skepticism at anyone trying to “change the world”. That joke of a mantra, right? No. Because perhaps they aren’t trying to change the whole world as much as simply affecting a community, making the vision of a future planet that much more hopeful. An earthly perspective changed.

I decided to unhide this for Google to archive. Why not? I was always ashamed of my writing but every post was a stepping stone. Especially the ones that were thoughtful, not overly critical or scathing, and written as I want them to read: with a tongue in cheek and suspended belief.



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So many comma errors on this blog.

Why didn’t anyone teach me to use them correctly? A comma is not needed before but.

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Dressing for Class

Strangely packed Monday class. I haven’t seen Geography this packed since the last mid-term exam. As usual, there’s a bunch of tardy people. One by one they fall in.

There was this one girl who came in 15 minutes or so before the end of class. Wore what looked like a formal dress and a piece of faux fur (I believe). She’s pretty hot, but what the hell is the outfit about? It’s freezing outside and I understand the fur, but it looked as if she was going to a party. At 10:35am. She seems to always dress like this: the usual attire barely covers her ass. Trying to flaunt the goods, wealth, or a bit of both?

Another girl wore a blazer, white shirt, high-waist skirt that ended mid-thigh. Again, what the hell is that, interview attire? I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Not like I wasn’t feeling weird today. Shirt, sweater, indigo jeans, work boots, and I cuffed my jeans. Fuck was that cuff awkward, all stemming from my own self-consciousness. It might have been out-of-place on me but it was warm and comfy.

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This is what happens when young adults have nothing else better to do than to feed their narcissistic personalities. Sadly, this is only one of the thousands, perhaps millions of similar videos circulating on the Internet. All in the name of fame.

I never found viral videos amusing. They promote ignorance and narcissism, which is something I cannot possibly support. Good thing is that these people would be too self-absorbed and not interfere with my life too much. The bad thing is that they’re going to leech off society until they get a dose of reality.

Few years ago, viral videos were about dogs on skateboards. Now, violence is the most common theme and most popular by far. You know there’s a minority (or majority) enjoying these kind of videos. They won’t admit though.

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Three R’s

And you wonder why some people can’t spell or read?

reading, writing and ‘rithmetic

A “w” is not an “r” and I would prefer people not associate it as that. If you spelled arithmetic properly, the whole sequence of words changed.


WAR. On ignorance.

If I was President, I’d sell it as that. “I declare WAR on ignorance, starting with writing, arithmetic, and reading.” It doesn’t flow as well, but it’s a start and sounds pretty powerful. I’d also propose the LAW, which is learning, analyzing, and wondering. WAR will start a movement for the LAW and turn this country back into the intellectual powerhouse it once was.

I sure can dream. Probably get shot by some illiterate person.

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Ever noticed that people nowadays walk around with an iPod and an iPhone? Some even have two cellphones. They wear the gold jewelry (hovering over $2000 an ounce), nice flashy watches, and $150 tennis shoes. But when they walk past a person with their hands out, not a damn penny falls out of their pockets.

I wrote about this recently, but not on this blog though. I don’t like unregulated welfare nor leeches, but if someone is hungry, I’ll toss a few dollars their way. Being raised middle-class, I’ve basically never had to starve. There are times when I chose to but money was never that tight to warrant an actual encounter with hunger. I used to get a lot of crap in school. “Wow, a dollar donation? You’re so rich.” Rich is grossly exaggerated, as if I’m some millionaire in a small suburban town.

Not knowing how they live day-to-day does not mean I cannot understand. Note that I’m empathetic, not sympathetic. Sympathy does nothing to me, and I could keep on walking without anything. But empathy makes me stop, look at how messed up the streets are, and show a little compassion. I wouldn’t want anyone to live like that, nor would I want it to be a part of the future.

If I worked, I wouldn’t hoard so much of my income. I’d support the arts, the literacy programs (three R’s is a disgrace), and whatever else I believe in. Money, if you get past its role as a medium of exchange, is worthless. Printed paper backed up by shit (just ask Bernanke). When that dreadful day comes when the world economy collapses, we’ll all be trading commodities. And wouldn’t it nice to know that the guy you helped out years ago still remembered you and is not charging you your first-born child for a gallon of water?

And besides, if people stopped buying the $4 coffee, then maybe a dollar can be shared with another person. Maybe if the wealthy bastards took a basic money management course, they wouldn’t be up their necks in debt. No pity towards any of them.”I’m making $200,000 but in terrible debt.” Screw you. I don’t care where you live or what it costs for your lifestyle; you brought it upon yourself.

Spread the wealth because a country is only as rich as its poorest person. That’s the idealist in me, even though I side as a realist. I never expected to see so much homeless people in San Francisco, who seem to be mentally ill and unable to even apply for a job. If there was a fund to take of these people, put them in a place to get well or manage by with medication in order to be self-dependent, I’d support that. But I don’t trust those funds because some bastards might funnel money away from the generous contributions from people who care for another human being.

It all comes back to greed. The rich fuckers will take our money but not release a dime of their own. These people with money don’t give a damn about other people. Of course I feel a little better and pompous after tossing the homeless guy a dollar, but what drives me is knowing that he (mainly males) will not have to starve tonight. Be it a cheeseburger or some Jack Daniels, he’ll be slightly better off.

Ego-driven? Yes, but I seek progression. And it’s better to give a little to them than be mugged and lose a lot. Money is easy to replace; blood is not.

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Vile Tactics

In my opinion, college should not have a Credit/No Credit option. What purpose does it serve? Is it to bail out students that don’t care to do work and make them irresponsible for the consequences of their own decisions? Or is it to promote gaming of the education system? Not everyone does it, but I’ve heard a few people dropping  a course if they don’t get an A. In my interpretation, that’s gaming the system. It makes me sick and it makes me wonder how many assholes are doing just that.

If you sign up for the class and decide to stick with it, you should only get a choice of A, B, C, D, or F. Nothing else.

I have the same opinion for withholding courses. Take what you deserve and hide nothing. College students are adults, and if they want the right to drink, party, and vote like adults, then they should handle their life like adults. That means being responsible for one’s own actions.

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