Vile Tactics

In my opinion, college should not have a Credit/No Credit option. What purpose does it serve? Is it to bail out students that don’t care to do work and make them irresponsible for the consequences of their own decisions? Or is it to promote gaming of the education system? Not everyone does it, but I’ve heard a few people dropping  a course if they don’t get an A. In my interpretation, that’s gaming the system. It makes me sick and it makes me wonder how many assholes are doing just that.

If you sign up for the class and decide to stick with it, you should only get a choice of A, B, C, D, or F. Nothing else.

I have the same opinion for withholding courses. Take what you deserve and hide nothing. College students are adults, and if they want the right to drink, party, and vote like adults, then they should handle their life like adults. That means being responsible for one’s own actions.


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Fuck This Place

I couldn’t make this stuff up.


After class, a bunch of people line up to talk to the professor. I wanted to ask him a question also about homework due (lent it to a friend to copy so asking if I can turn it in “late” because I “forgot”). Professor tells others around him, “no class next week, I forgot there was some holiday.” Students go, “Oh really?” Professor affirms with a nod and some affirming gestures. “Why no school?”

I was besides the professor and said “It’s Veteran’s Day”, two or three times aloud. But I felt no one knew what the fuck that day is.


Two Caucasian couples ride the bus. The bus goes through Chinatown, which is pretty damn apparent with all the Chinese words and Chinese people around. One guy, with girlfriend on lap, asks the old Chinese lady next to him, “is this the Chinese district?” Chinese woman is freaked out, but nods and hurriedly mumbles out “Yes”. Guy continues to question. “So is the supermarket cheaper than Wal-Mart?” Chinese lady is quiet, probably doesn’t know what the fuck Wal-Mart is. Guy persists on trying to make some small talk but Chinese lady is not interested in chatting. Bus continues through the long stretch of road in CHINATOWN. The guy asks the Chinese lady again, “So this is Chinatown?”

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Preaching And Complaining

You can’t preach what you don’t believe in. If you say “Be punctual” and arrive to class late all the damn, then that makes the whole statement meaningless. Don’t tell me what I should do if you can’t even keep your own word.

Consistency is key. Can’t keep flip-flopping on principles.Opinions change, but stay true to principles, or at least firm and consistent.

And as of now, I have little sympathy for complainers. There’s someone on my Facebook list that complains to get attention. It’s fucking irritating.

Oh no, I felt sad today. I don’t need comforting but please note that I am depressed today.

Do something to fix your pathetic life. Please, for the benefit of everyone you know. Still young, naive, and stupid. It’s the best time to learn about the unfairness in life.

It’s time for a friend removal.

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Bus Ethics

1. Give up your seat when it’s necessary. Federal offense mandatory.

2. Give up your seat if you think someone else, regardless of age, needs it more than you.

3. Don’t occupy more than one seat.

4. Don’t squeeze on other people. Flu season is near. Cover your damn mouth.

5. Sneeze onto your sleeves. Keep your germs to yourself.

6. Wait in line. Without cutting.

7. Have your money/pass ready, or else wait at the end of the bus stop line.

8. Ask politely to relinquish a seat if someone is not mandated to do so. If you’re rude, your fragile ass can stand.

9. Don’t turn into a prick on the bus. That job belongs to someone else.

10. Don’t be so depressed whilst riding the bus. I hate seeing an ocean of frowns and angry riders.

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No Speak English

I hate these people.

“Sorry, no speak English.”

As an immigrant myself, this is despicable. No one cares if you speak well or not, just say something. Something broken is better than nothing useful. The United States doesn’t force anyone to learn English. But if you’re here, just try learn some basics.

I know you speak English. You clearly understood my request and proceeded to act like an asshole. If you can’t speak, don’t speak one damn word of English. Keep it for someone else. Yell at me in Chinese or Italian or whatever language other than English.

Next time, I’ll leave without paying. What, “Pay now!” you yell? What language is that? It can’t be English, since you don’t speak it. Sounds very familiar, but sorry, I don’t understand.

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I think I prayed to God to help me with my stuttering also. Feeling helpless at the time and wishing for just one day of fluency.

I never received an answer.

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If I do feel festive this year, I’m going to gift my little cousins this book. Looking for a special edition that they can appreciate and treasure years from now. They’re too young to truly understand this. Antoine wrote The Little Prince like Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. Child in mind, but applicable to every age. The excerpt above does not apply to children.

I might even use this in a Philosophy course essay.

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